In a recent poll that was done it showed that 63% of cleaners still use the old Spaghetti mops! 

Thought it would be good to share some information and our opinion on the use of  Spaghetti mops vs the Flat mop with you. 

After mopping with a traditional Spaghetti mop and bucket this is what you end up with: 

• Dirty Water being re-applied over and over – How often have you seen a cleaner pushing a mopping trolley filled with dirty water? 

• Dirty and unhygienic mops being used on the floors defeats the purpose of cleaning and most often move dirt around. • By using dirty water and mop the grout in tiling gets dark and filthy which also  results in Markings from chemical residue which results in floors getting dirty  much quicker. 

• A higher risk of slips, trips and falls because of buckets left out in open  areas, floor area also takes longer to dry due to the amount of water being  used. 

• Dirty marks on walls where the wet mop hits while mopping the edges,  resulting in more maintenance and costs. • Staff Fatigue from the repetitious process of wringing the heavy mop. • Dirt is just being moved around which results in dirty floors that are not germ  free.

The alternative, Better way of cleaning floors:

The Microfibre Flat Mop (Sample image only) can be used dry as a dust mop or wet  to clean floors, right up to the edges without dirtying the walls. It is the convenient  way to mop and is perfect for spot cleaning throughout the day – saving time and  money. It’s easy to operate without applying to much pressure and less staff fatigue. 

Here are some tips for using a Microfibre Flat mop: 

• Ensure that you sweep the floor with a dry micro fibre unit before applying  water, 80% of dirt is caused by dust and should be removed totally before  applying water.  

• Just add cold water to the flat mop fringe, it is recommended that you only use  cold water as hot water opens the fibres to release dirt and not capture it. • The microfibre flat mop is light and pre-soaked microfibre sleeve will replace  the traditional mop bucket. Cleaners can use a spray bottle or spray attached  to flat mop for spot cleaning. 

• Meticulously walk backwards and mop in a figure 8 motion to ensure the area  is completely covered and you are not walking where you have just cleaned. • Replacing the dirty sleeve regularly will prevent cross-contamination as well  as keep the floors and grout cleaner for longer. Colour coding system for  deferent areas is the best way to manage cross-contamination. 

• When using a Microfibre mop you use less water which is: 

✓ cost affective! 

✓ Safes Water! 

✓ Floor is dry quicker! 

✓ And safer – reduces slips and falls! Although there are specific areas, for example Production sites, where the use of the  Spaghetti mops is still a good solution – for the majority of households and office  environments the correct use of a Microfibre Flat mops has its advantages.

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