In a previous article, ‘The Quest for Growth and Success’, we focused on a few fundamentals that a small business should focus on to ensure that it at least stands a chance for success in this competitive market. We defined success and looked at a few critical areas that would need your attention. A quick […]

Spahetti Mop VS Microfibre Flat Mop

In a recent poll that was done it showed that 63% of cleaners still use the old Spaghetti mops!  Thought it would be good to share some information and our opinion on the use of  Spaghetti mops vs the Flat mop with you.  After mopping with a traditional Spaghetti mop and bucket this is what you end […]

Small Business: The Quest for Growth and Success

In an extremely tough business world, it takes more than good fortune or luck to  succeed as a small business entrepreneur  today. If you find yourself in a position that  you are decided and excited about  launching a new small business, please  take a few moments to read through these  few paragraphs. It may well […]